Inside the Samsung Galaxy S5

Contributed by M. Alarcon, R. Fontaine, P. Gamache, D. James, R. Krishnamurthy, J. Morrison, D. Yang and C. Young Check back often as more analysis comes out of our labs! Samsung ...

Inside the Xbox One

Contributed by Dick James and Christopher Young It’s clear we’re in the run-up to the gift-giving season, with multiple launches of  tablets and gaming systems.  Last week was the turn of ...

Inside the Sony PS4

Contributed by C. Young, T. Crane, J. Morrison, D. James and P. Gamache We proudly partnered with iFixit for the PS4 launch and lined up outside of EB Games in ...

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iPhone 5s Touch ID – Patent and Market Perspective

Fingerprint Technology or Biometrics? Contributed by Martin Bijman Apple has raised interest ...


Inside the iPhone 5s

Contributed by Jason Tanner, Jim Morrison, Dick James, Ray Fontaine and Phil ...


BlackBerry Patents – Another Hi-Tech Treasure Trove?

Part one of a three part series offering technical and business perspectives ...


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Chipworks @ Mobile World Congress – The Year of Incremental Improvements

Contributed by Dick James As we did last year, we went along to the Mobile World Congress (MWC), held in Barcelona last week. The intent was to take the pulse of the mobile business, not just the big announcements like the Samsung Galaxy S5, but also the parts that go into mobile devices. Dominant Themes [...]

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IBM Continues to be a Major Source of Chip Innovation, Despite Rumours It May Exit the Business

Contributed by: Sinjin Dixon-Warren IBM’s Semiconductor Division and Intel have been two of the primary drivers of advanced CMOS development for nearly fifty years. Although Intel has usually been first to market with a new technology node, IBM has continued to be a major source of innovation in advanced CMOS technology over the past decades. [...]

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Intel’s e-DRAM Shows up in the Wild

Contributed by Dick James When Intel launched their Haswell series chips last June, they stated that the high-end systems would have embedded DRAM, as a separate chip in the package; and they gave a paper at the VLSI Technology Symposium [1] that month, and another at IEDM [2]. It took us a while to track [...]

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Silicon Art Shows Engineers Still Have a Sense of Humor

Contributed by: Sinjin Dixon-Warren Chipworks has been collecting silicon art for many years, and our collection includes images gathered by Integrated Circuit Engineering of Phoenix Arizona, acquired by Chipworks in 2001. As the density of integrated circuits has increased, the value of real estate on the wafer has also increased, thus reducing the space available [...]

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Samsung 28 nm HKMG Inside the Apple A7

Contributed by: Sinjin Dixon-Warren The Apple A7 processor used inside the iPhone 5s represents an extraordinary piece of engineering. Some details, such as the die layout, were discussed in an earlier blog. The A7 is fabricated with Samsung’s 28 nm low power (LP) gate first, high-k metal gate (HKMG) process technology. The process features nine [...]

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Inside the Lab: AFM Capabilities at Chipworks

Contributed by: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Chipworks operates five labs, each with specialized expertise in reverse engineering. We use some commercially available equipment that is common in semiconductor labs and foundries but customize how it is used to meet the needs of reverse engineering. We’re [...]

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