CES 2015 Unveiled: Top 5 Themes

Contributed by Dick James and Jim Morrison Every year before the press day, and two days before the actual show itself, International CES holds their “CES Unveiled” event for media ...

Nortel Patents Make News Again – Rockstar Patents Sold to RPX

Contributed by Martin Bijman On December 23, 2014, RPX purchased the remaining assets of Rockstar for $900M.[1] RPX describes in their release that of the 6,000 assets in the initial ...

Making Sense of the Cypress / Spansion Merger

Contributed by Michael Spence On December 1, 2014, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation and Spansion Inc. announced an agreement to merge their operations, citing a variety of synergies between the two organizations. ...

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Intel’s 14-nm Parts are Finally Here!

Contributed by Dick James Click here for more information on Chipworks’ Intel ...


IBM Sells Semiconductor Operations to Global Foundries

Contributed by Ray Angers   IBM recently announced that they had signed ...


Inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Contributed by C. Young, D. Yang, R. Fontaine, J. Morrison, D. James and ...


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HiSense: A Fierce DTV Player in the USA as Seen at CES 2015

Contributed by Jim Morrison Two Years Can Change A Lot In January of 2013, I spent a lot of time studying DTVs at CES. One of the players that rose above the rest was HiSense. Back in 2013, the Chinese flat panel TV provider spoke of ambitious goals to increase their market share in the USA. Well, [...]

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The eBike from Bosch as Seen at CES 2015

Contributed by Jim Morrison During the press events yesterday I met the North American Manager for Bosch’s eBike. She invited me to come by the booth and speak to her colleagues who were visiting from their facilities in Germany. I took her up on that offer and wow, I am very glad I did. I [...]

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IEDM – Monday was FinFET Day

Contributed by Dick James — Follow me on Twitter @ChipworksDick In my conference preview blog last week I mentioned that session 3 on the Monday afternoon would be a hot session, with three finFET papers, by TSMC, Intel, and IBM. I was right – even though they were given in the Grand Ballroom, it was full. [...]

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IEDM 2014 Preview: Part 2

Contributed by Dick James — Follow me on Twitter @ChipworksDick This is part 2 of 2 on IEDM 2014 preview. Click here for Part 1. — Tuesday In the morning we have another seven parallel sessions, starting with session 9 on Advanced CMOS Devices for 10nm Node and Beyond, so another one I will definitely be targeting. The first [...]

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IEDM 2014 Preview: Part 1

Contributed by Dick James — Follow me on Twitter @ChipworksDick This is part 1 of 2 on IEDM 2014 preview. Click here for Part 2. Later this month the good and the great of the electron device world will make their usual pilgrimage to San Francisco for the 2014 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting.  To quote the conference web front [...]

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Free Teardown: First look inside the pumpkin teardown!

This year’s Chipworks Pumpkin carving contest winners were very creative, in fact it was too creative not to share… Fresh off the teardown table is the newest from the Squash family. This year’s was the biggest we have seen in some time. The packaging material remains consistent with what we observed in previous models. This [...]

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