iPhone’s Cameras – What’s Coming in the iPhone 6?

Click here to be the first to see the Chipworks teardown blog on the iPhone 6 Contributed by Ray Fontaine, Senior Technology Analyst @Chipworks_RayF We’re coming up on another iPhone ...

The Second Shoe Drops – Samsung V-NAND Flash

Contributed by Dick James   Two weeks ago, we posted about the TSMC 20 nm product that we had in-house; now after waiting for a year since Samsung’s announcement of V-NAND ...

Apple vs. Samsung: What’s in the claims?

The ability to extract and understand claim limitations is critical, and will play a key role in the trial and subsequent judgment that will determine the winner and loser – ...

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TSMC 20nm Arrives – The First Shoe Drops

Contributed by Dick James For us at Chipworks interested in leading edge ...


SanDisk Broadens SSD IP with Fusion-io

Contributed by Ray Angers   The US$1.1B takeover bid announced last week ...


Inside the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung unveiled their Galaxy S5 in Barcelona during this year’s Mobile World ...


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Intel Builds Wireless IP with Powerwave Patents

Contributed by Ray Angers, Patent & Technology Specialist Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) strengthened its position in the mobile wireless technology space last week with the announcement that it will be acquiring 1,400 patents owned by Powerwave Technologies, Inc..  Powerwave, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2013, was a pioneer in telecommunications infrastructure products, including antennas [...]

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Competitive Analysis of IGBTs Reveals Their Internal Workings

Contributed by St.J. Dixon-Warren Vertical Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) are one of the most important types of discrete power transistors. Structurally, they are similar to discrete, vertical N-type MOSFET devices, except the N-type drain region of the MOSFET is replaced by a P-type collector or anode region. The result is a PNP bipolar structure, [...]

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Taking the Lid Off Microsoft’s Secret Android-killer Patents

by Martin Bijman The Chinese government recently revealed Microsoft’s secret list of about 310 Android-killer US patents. Chipworks has taken an initial look at these patents. We found there were actually only 243 unique patents and applications. About 80% of these are applicable to mobile OS, and 20% have elements applicable to mobile infrastructure. The [...]

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Apple vs. Samsung (Part 3): And the Winner is?

If you’ve read part 1 and part 2 of this series, you’re now looking for more info on the #AppSung trial deliberation. By Richard Moses Following  nearly a month long trial, the four-man, four-woman jury deliberated for three days before reaching their decision. Along with deciding infringement and validity, the jury was also tasked to [...]

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Apple vs. Samsung (Part 2): What’s in the claims?

If you read Part 1 of this article, you’re now looking for the flipside of the Apple vs. Samsung analysis – claims by Samsung. The key point of this two part blog is that the ability to extract and understand claim limitations is critical. This will play a key role in the trial and subsequent [...]

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Chipworks @ Mobile World Congress – The Year of Incremental Improvements

Contributed by Dick James As we did last year, we went along to the Mobile World Congress (MWC), held in Barcelona last week. The intent was to take the pulse of the mobile business, not just the big announcements like the Samsung Galaxy S5, but also the parts that go into mobile devices. Dominant Themes [...]

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