Posted: October 21, 2013

Since we tore down the iPhone 5s last month, we have had a few questions as to the RF chips on the board, particularly from those that were also looking at the iFixit teardown - we had a different inventory from theirs.

The answer is quite simple; they sent a guy to Australia to take advantage of the time difference (15 hours ahead of Ottawa, 18 hours ahead of California), and their sample was the Asia/Pacific TD-LTE version. Ours was from our local store and is a North American model.

Consequently the chips that control the RF are quite different. We found the following:

  • RF Micro RF3763 Power Amplifier-Duplexer (PAD) for B5 / 8 Dual PAD
  • RF MicroDevices 1112 antenna tuning solution
  • RF MicroDevices 1113 antenna tuning solution
  • Skyworks SKY77572 Band 18/19/20 Power Amplifier Device
  • Skyworks SKY77810 2G/EDGE Power Amplifier Module
  • Skyworks SKY77496 Band 13/17 Power Amplifier Device
  • Skyworks SKY73614 (unknown)
  • Avago A792503 Band 25/3 Power Amplifier Device
  • TriQuint TQF6414 Band 1/4 Dual Power Amplifier Device
  • Murata 177 switch/filter module
  • Murata E50 switch/filter module
  • Murata AMG switch/filter module

RF Block in North American iPhone 5s

Wheras in the Asia/Pac phone there was:

  • TriQuint TQM6M6224 Band 2/4 dual-band PA duplexer
  • Skyworks SKY77810 2G/EDGE Power Amplifier Module
  • Skyworks SKY77355 Quad-Band GSM / GPRS / EDGE Power Amplifier Module
  • Skyworks SKY477 (unknown)
  • Skyworks SKY73614 (unknown)
  • Murata JME51 switch/filter module
  • Murata 175 cF switch/filter module
  • RF MicroDevices RF1495 antenna switch module
  • RF MicroDevices 1112 antenna tuning solution
  • Avago ACPM-7900 PA Duplexer Module
  • Avago ACPM-79720 PA Duplexer Module
  • Avago D3S antenna switch module

RF Block in Asia/Pacific iPhone 5s

We're still de-capsulating many of these parts, but here's a few die shots:


Murata 175cF Switch/Filter Module

Murata JME51 Switch/Filter Module

RF1112 die photo

RF1112 die mark

RF1112 die mark

RF1112 die mark

SKY477 die photo

SKY477 die mark


As you can see, Peregrine Semi have three RF switch parts in the Murata modules in Asia/Pacific version of the iPhone 5s.

The industry is waiting for the licensing of China's 4G network, rumoured to be in November, which will then let China Mobile start up its TD-LTE service. Apple is reported to have boosted iPhone 5s production by 75%, which ties in with other gossip that China Mobile is getting ready to launch both the 5s and the 5c. Now that the iPhone 5s and 5c have been approved by TENAA (China's FCC-equivalent) for China Mobile, this version of the phone could be in for a big boost in sales by year-end.