A large consumer electronics company faced an upcoming licensing renewal with a major semiconductor player, who it relied on to help deliver leading edge products. While the company wished to preserve its long standing business relationship, it also realized an opportunity to reduce royalty payments. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, the company required substantial evidence to strengthen its negotiating position. The company, having worked with Chipworks in the past on several successful licensing campaigns, regarded Chipworks as a trusted technology partner that could apply its deep patent and market knowledge to generate infringement evidence in a short time period. 


  • Identify patents that would have the highest likelihood of infringement, and identify devices with highest revenue impact 
  • Document evidence of use based on custom analyses that the firm was not able to perform in-house 
  • Produce evidence to substantiate claims under tight time constraints 

Chipworks Solution 

  • Utilized our inventory of teardown analyses to identify high revenue target devices 
  • Reviewed a few hundred patents, and selected applicable ones based on prior experience in supporting them and suggestions made by the company 
  • Performed custom structural and process reverse engineering analyses 
  • Produced over 10 claim charts in less than three months 


  • The company trusted Chipworks’ unmatched ability to analyze the broadest range of technology products and develop a customized IP strategy
  • The company was able to utilize Chipworks’ intimate knowledge of the patent portfolio to generate claim charts in a short period of time 
  • The company was able to negotiate a long-term licensing agreement with lower royalties 
  • The company realized a return of 100x its investment with Chipworks

For over 20 years, Chipworks has been a trusted patent and technology partner to the world’s largest and most successful companies. Business leaders rely on Chipworks to help them identify and fully leverage their most valuable patents and provide crucial analysis of high-revenue products in the most competitive, fastest changing technology markets.