A global integrated silicon solutions leader was served by a semiconductor giant, claiming infringement of 10 patents, backed by claim charts. The company first hired an IP consultancy that delivered volumes of unsubstantiated claim charts. With millions of dollars in royalty payments at risk and negotiating deadlines imminent, the market leader relied on Chipworks to help them identify and fully leverage their best patents, protect their competitive position, prepare for litigation and develop successful IP strategies.  


  • Build a strong offense as a defensive IP strategy to protect millions of dollars in revenue 
  • Successfully disprove the aggressor’s claims of infringement through comprehensive technical documentation Chipworks Solution 
  • Reviewed the client’s patent portfolio vis-à-vis the giant’s product portfolio, identifying patents likely to yield hits 
  • Completed sophisticated in-house technical analysis, including detailed circuit extraction 
  • In 16 weeks, produced four claim charts that put the technology giant at greater risk than the client 
  • Found proof of prior art, limiting the scope of 40% of patents the giant claimed, undercutting infringement allegations 


  • By combining deep patent and market knowledge with an unmatched ability to analyze the broadest range of technology products Chipworks delivered solid evidence in favor of its client
  • Used concrete, independent evidence of prior art to remove 40% of its revenue from patent infringement claims 
  • Leveraged the claim charts to secure royalties on the giant’s revenue 
  • Protected its market position and netted a combined cost savings and revenue increase totaling more than 60 times its investment with Chipworks

For over 20 years, Chipworks has been a trusted patent and technology partner to the world’s largest and most successful companies. Business leaders rely on Chipworks to help them identify and fully leverage their most valuable patents and provide crucial analysis of high-revenue products in the most competitive, fastest changing technology markets.