A global semiconductor company was considering ways to monetize systems patents in its portfolio that fell outside of the traditional semiconductor area. At the direction of his senior leadership team, the IP group director was tasked to develop a strategy for monetizing these patents and report back to the CEO. He decided to begin by assessing the viability of asserting the systems patents against a major communications company. 


  • Need for domain knowledge and the ability to reverse engineer a complex communications system 
  • Ability to document evidence of infringement using a combination of standards-based literature and technical analysis 
  • Require third party evidence that would stand up in a negotiation 

Chipworks Solution 

  • Over a period of three months, Chipworks delivered 10 claim by applying a variety of methodologies 
  • Applied wired and wireless networking related patents against a number of products from different product lines, including a network management system 
  • Reviewed product and standards documentation, performed physical inspection, board level circuit tracing, and functional testing 


  • The IP group director relied on Chipworks to help provide crucial analysis of high-revenue products and develop a successful IP strategy
  • Strength of evidence helped gain CEO buy-in 
  • Opportunity potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing revenue – for just one target 
  • Strengthened negotiating position by documenting evidence of infringement beyond standards-based literature 
  • By trusting Chipworks for reverse engineering, they gained alternative views on where to look for infringement, and strengthened the case against the communications company

For over 20 years, Chipworks has been a trusted patent and technology partner to the world’s largest and most successful companies. Business leaders rely on Chipworks to help them identify and fully leverage their most valuable patents in the most competitive, fastest changing technology markets.