One of the world’s computing giants, with revenue exposure in the billions of dollars, was served notice of patent infringement by a smaller player. It decided to make offense part of its defense i.e., find patent infringement by the smaller player. Its law firm trusted Chipworks’ Patent Intelligence Services to help identify and fully leverage their best patents and develop a successful IP strategy.  


  • Reduce royalty payments to the aggressor 
  • Provide credible third party evidence of infringement of seven patents by a wide range of the aggressor’s product lines, and support it in court with a credible and professional third party fact witness 

Chipworks Solution 

  • Proceeded in two phases: phase one produced sufficient evidence to serve notice to the aggressor; phase two provided the detailed infringement evidence required for the court 
  • Within four months, conducted a variety of tests including electrical, environmental, and physical testing to document infringement 
  • Many of the tests required a custom testing apparatus, which Chipworks conceived and built 
  • Acted as fact witness to the court 


  • The outside legal counsel trusted Chipworks world class technology analysis to mine their portfolio and prepare for litigation
  • Delivered a total of 39 reports over a period of 18 months 
  • Provided the giant with the evidence it needed to reach an acceptable agreement with the aggressor, significantly reducing its royalty payments 
  • Reduction in royalty payments paid for the investment in Chipworks many times over

For over 20 years, Chipworks has been a trusted patent and technology partner to the world’s largest and most successful companies. Business leaders rely on Chipworks to help them identify and fully leverage their most valuable patents and provide crucial analysis of high-revenue products in the most competitive, fastest changing technology markets.