Patent And Technology Partner To The World's Most Successful Companies

Patent And Technology Partner To The World's Most Successful Companies

Patent And Technology Partner To The World's Most Successful Companies


Our Work Environment

Chipworks’ corporate culture nurtures customer commitment, open communication, and provides opportunities for growth and development.

We are committed to our customers

Chipworks takes you inside technology, where we help our customers improve and protect their products. We work with global corporate giants, evaluating leading edge products.

We live our corporate values

Commitment to our values is integrated in all we do. 

We value diversity

The Chipworks team is made up of a multicultural workforce that thrives on a strong sense of camaraderie, mutual respect, shared goals, and even more importantly, celebrations of success. Our team members work closely, sharing information in an informal atmosphere.

We educate and develop

Chipworks supports continued growth through various development initiatives, including:

  • Communication – everyone is invited to participate in weekly meetings. We work in an open, collaborative environment; our executive is available and accessible.
  • Career development – Chipworks takes employee development seriously, and helps employees achieve their career goals through ongoing educational opportunities and a formal development program.
  • In-house mentoring – we offer internal courses customized to address our unique, leading-edge technical requirements. We team junior employees with experienced personnel, and also provide cross-training opportunities to enhance our existing talent pool.
  • Conferences and seminars – we help our people stay at the forefront of technology and management trends by ensuring their attendance at key technical and professional development events.

We reward and recognize

Competitive salaries, benefits, and vacation time are just the beginning! We also celebrate individual, team, and corporate successes regularly through formal and informal means.

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