Patent And Technology Partner To The World's Most Successful Companies

Patent And Technology Partner To The World's Most Successful Companies

Patent And Technology Partner To The World's Most Successful Companies


Systems Analysis

What we analyze

Chipworks has documented infringement on over 200 electronic systems in numerous industries, involving a wide range of products and devices:  

  • Consumer electronics: smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, DVD players and recorders, portable audio devices (MP3 players), game consoles, televisions, projectors, satellite receivers, digital clocks, and GPS receivers
  • Computer systems: personal computers and laptops, PDAs, monitors, CD/DVD writers, hard disks, video cards, mice, DSL modems, network cards, wireless cards, routers, printers, scanners, and flash memory cards
  • Networks and communications including: IP, LAN/L2, VoIP, TDM, wireless, and Web
  • Automotive: anti-lock braking systems, electronic power steering, and keyless entry and ignition
  • Medical devices: blood pressure monitors and digital thermometers

Examples of our experience and capabilities

  • Reverse engineering: multichip module circuit extraction, board level circuit extraction, software extraction, disassembly, and decompilation
  • Functional testing: apparatus and test case generation (e.g., custom and evaluation boards, test environment), physical, probing, sniffing, GUI, and software functional analysis
  • Inspection: product teardown, tracing connections
  • Standards review such as: 802.11, CDMA2000, DOCSIS, HDSL
  • Literature review: service and user manuals, Internet articles and publications, product datasheets  

Our value

Chipworks helps you generate the infringement evidence you need by:  

  • Conducting analyses that require a combination of expertise, such as hardware analysis combined with circuit and software engineering
  • Performing difficult analyses such as extracting key information from highly complex and secure chips and embedded memories for the purposes of supporting your infringement evidence requirements
  • Applying a wide range of methodologies to produce a claim chart, such as literature and standards reviews, functional testing, and reverse engineering

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