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ISPSD 2013

Contributed by: St.J. Dixon-Warren

The 25th annual International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices will be held in the historic seaside city of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Chipworks will be participating as an exhibitor, plus we plan to participate in the technical sessions, since it is great place for us to monitor new developments in power electronics, especially at the device level. Below is some of the artwork that will be featured in our booth (click to enlarge).

Chipworks at ISPSD 2013 The 25th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs doing Reverse Engineering in process, teardown, systems and power.


As in previous years, the Short Course program will be offered on the Sunday before the main conference begins. The topics look interesting, and including

  • “High Voltage Bipolar Devices: the past, present and future” by Dieter Silber (University of Bremen)
  • “The superjunction concept from high-voltage to low-voltage and from vertical to lateral power devices” by Florin Udrea (Cambridge University)
  • “Integrated Power Converters – Basic Concepts” by Wai Tung Ng (University of Toronto)
  • “Fundamentals and Frontiers of SiC Power Device Technology” by Tsunenobu Kimoto (Kyoto University)
  • “IGBT-Modules – Packaging and reliability” by Josef Lutz (Chemnitz University)

The conference opens on the Monday morning with two plenary sessions, chaired by G. Majumdar of Mitsubishi and K. Hamada of Toyota. The first plenary, by M. Yamamoto of Mitsubishi, concerns the Development of secured energy infrastructure in Japan, which will be a timely topic given the troubles in Japan’s nuclear power industry caused by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.  Apparently, prior to the March 2011 Japan generated about 30% of their power from nuclear energy. As of September 2012 only two of Japan’s fifty reactors were still operating (source: The Economist). The second plenary, by S. Linder of ABB, is on the topic of Power Electronics: The Key Enabler of a Future with more than 20% Wind and Solar Electricity.  Wind and solar power are intermittent sources of energy. Managing and maintaining stability in the electrical power grid while using intermittent power sources is a challenging technical problem, which requires the clever use of power electronics devices. ABB manufactures large wafer-scale thyristors and other devices that are critical to operation of the grid.  The third plenary, presented by D. Tan of the IEEE Power Electronics Society, is on the topic of High Efficiency DC Power Delivery.

The Conferences continues from Monday to Thursday with sessions on the following topics:

  • High Voltage Power Devices (mainly IGBTs)
  • New Material Power Devices (more specifically GaN and SiC transistors)
  • Power ICs (mostly Smart Power BCD technology but also gate driver ICs)
  • Low Voltage Power Devices (largely low voltage MOSFET technology)
  • Module and Package Technologies

The conference also features a poster session and several social events, including a banquet. The conference closes with presentation of the awards.

As mentioned, Chipworks is participating as an exhibitor again this year. Attendees are invited to drop by our booth to pick up a Chipworks puzzle to solve. We’ll have recent reports and analyses available to review. We plan to publish a follow on blog posting with highlights of the conference.  Stay tuned!