Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.


Reverse Engineering Case Studies

Business unit managers, product line managers, design managers, and engineers recognize that Chipworks takes them inside leading technology. Read about how our clients take the cost out of product design, and increase their market share – with returns of 100x or more in the first year.

pdf Image sensor powerhouse saves a multimillion dollar business line
A global powerhouse, and maker of high performance charged couple device (CCD) imaging components for camera phones, was selling into a market with a billion units annually. The company became increasingly nervous about staying competitive, sensing the industry was nearing a tipping point toward CMOS.


pdf Leading global electronics company cuts product cost by 20%
A global leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products held a significant lead in the market for optical chipsets used in optical readers. Overnight, the global leader faced severe competition when a small upstart chip manufacturer began selling similar high performance chips at a significantly lower price.


pdf CMOS image sensor startup cuts six months off design time
A fabless technology expert, whose CMOS image sensors are widely used in camera phones, ranks roughly tenth in a crowded market. The startup needed design insights on commercially available image sensors when forced to devise groundbreaking components within the capabilities of smaller, niche foundries.


pdf Global leader cuts design time by two months and reduces risk of $200M investment
A semiconductor company selling high performance telephone handset components enjoyed annual revenue in the tens of billions of dollars. Chipworks' analysis revealed that one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, rumored to be using a superior but difficult technology, was actually outsourcing its manufacturing.