Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.


Lab Overview


Chipworks has five labs, each specializing in a particular field of reverse engineering. Continuous R&D in each lab, complimented by a global network of analytical labs, enables us to be the premier source of knowledge of what's inside technology. The volume of devices and technologies we deal with provides unparalleled experience.

Teardown lab

  • A global team of device acquisition specialists and teardown experts are continuously adding to our extensive records of 60,000+ items
  • As a result of product teardowns and unique buying channels, we have access to impossible to procure devices, design win tracking, market intelligence, and a vast prior use history

Process lab

  • Provides material data and images that suggest how each device was fabricated
  • Utilizing proprietary sample prep techniques, state of the art electron microscopy, and analysis tools, our process savvy engineers are able to provide evidence of patent infringement and provide competitive intelligence

Systems lab

  • Focused on finding patent infringement in a vast range of electronic systems, software, hardware, semiconductors, and everything in-between
  • Picoprobing, buss sniffing, and RF field measurements are just some of the techniques used here to gather evidence

Circuit delayering lab

  • Each semiconductor device is deprocessed layer by layer, creating samples showing the circuit design in use
  • Deprocessing layers ranging from microns to atoms thick, made from a wide range of materials, requires constant R&D

Circuit imaging lab

  • Using heavily modified scanning electron microscopes and custom software, this lab images very large areas at ultra high speed 
  • Resulting schematics and images provide a deep understanding of the design and evidence of any patent infringement