Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.


IC Circuit Extraction

Untitled-5Analyzing the schematics of competitive devices helps semiconductor design teams to:

  • Reduce design cost and get to market faster by making better decisions when faced with a design challenge
  • Lower the risk of new product launches by reducing design errors and the risk of re-spin
  • Build winning products by benchmarking against competitors’ products and road maps

Chipworks delivers hierarchically organized schematics of even the most advanced technology, in a format that is useful for helping design teams leverage the information faster. With many millions of dollars going into perfecting the process of extracting circuits, our capabilities include:

  • Access to global procurement channels and two parts procurement specialists to source devices
  • Experienced circuit design and reverse engineering experts, and a bidirectional workflow with the lab to deliver results quickly
  • Highly precise delayering, multiple optical and SEM stations, and specialized SEM software to image devices
  • Ongoing R&D, including expertise in delayering and imaging devices at the latest below 32 nm geometries (and beyond)
  • Software for efficient device and connectivity annotation, as well as electrical rule checking features for extracting flat schematics
  • Software interface familiar to forward designers to organized hierarchical schematics
  • Analysis delivered in the ICWorks Browser for incorporating what is learned into forward design

Beginning an IC reverse engineering project is easy. We have created a simplified task list to help you understand how to go through the process.

IC Reverse Engineering Software

ICWorks Browser is the package that IC Circuit Extraction is delivered in. This EDA-like software has features that make it easy to understand the circuits quickly, and to export netlists that work with your own EDA tools.

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