What are my most valuable patents?

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio and make the best decisions to achieve your strategic business and IP goals

Understanding Patents of Value is One of the Most Complex Challenges - Context is Everything

The key is to evaluate your patent portfolio in the context of your strategic business objectives and the current market conditions. Chipworks can help by providing the accurate and rigorous technical patent assessment you need to:

  • Build effective IP strategies that grow value for shareholders
  • Make better IP decisions more quickly
  • Extract maximum value from your patent portfolio
  • Understand your risks
  • Spot potentially untapped patent nuggets in your portfolio
  • And more...

A Proven Track Record and Methodology for Confirming Patents of Value

Ultimately, a patent’s value is confirmed only when there is evidence of use. We combine deep patent and market knowledge with the most sophisticated in-house technical analysis capabilities in the world to match patents to products and provide solid evidence of use in high revenue markets.

To accomplish this we may:

  • Efficiently review an extensive portfolio of patents including those targeted for acquisition and identify those that are likely being infringed
  • Efficiently extract and analyze data from the most sophisticated electronics and semiconductor devices in the world
  • Perform  technical analysis and “reverse engineering” to document evidence of use in areas that are often overlooked or missed
  • Conduct a wide variety of complex technical tests including electrical, environmental, and physical testing to conclusively show evidence of use
  • Produce sufficient evidence of use in support of litigation needs

Let’s talk about your patent portfolio and specific situation to determine the best strategy for identifying your patents of value.

"Chipworks' services are pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of performing full due diligence. It's money well spent."

Partner, Law Firm

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Access to Rich Product and Technical Data

A critical advantage that Chipworks brings to understanding your patents of value is history and experience. Over the past two decades, we have read and produced high-quality claim charts for thousands of patents.

This gives us immediate access to a vast and rich technical knowledge base that we leverage to provide substantive proof while achieving hard-to-match efficiencies that often reduce cost and save time.
Our insights and analysis will enable you to understand your patents of value in the context of your strategic business objectives. This includes leveraging your portfolio to:

  • Generate new revenue through licensing programs
  • Protect current and future business
  • Generate new business opportunities and partnerships
  • Identify potential risks

See How Our Clients Have Benefited

Here are a few examples of how Chipworks helps IP professionals and litigation experts... and the results you can expect.

“The analysis provided by Chipworks exceeded our expectations. The company’s ability to strengthen our initial claim gave us the confidence to pursue a licensing program with an industry giant.”

Senior Manager, IP Department

“Chipworks was critical to our strategy, putting us in a strong position that led to successful licensing negotiations. At the end of the day, it’s about finding hits with our patents. That’s why I choose to work with Chipworks.”

Intellectual Property Counsel

“By supplementing standards based documentation with technical evidence of use, Chipworks helped us strengthen our negotiating position. In light of their responsiveness and ability to run parallel programs, they continue to support us in related licensing campaigns.”

Senior Licensing Executive

“Without Chipworks our case would have been much weaker. Chipworks provided credible third party analysis, which is what you need going into a litigation. Both my client and I were very pleased with the work.”

Senior Partner, Patent Litigation

“We don’t give Chipworks the easy stuff. We give them the work that we don’t have the capability to do internally. They helped us validate the potential of monetizing a group of systems patents that initially fell outside of our IP strategy. Now we see that we can derive licensing revenue outside of the semiconductor industry.”

Director IP Group

“Chipworks’ intimate familiarity with the semiconductor and microelectronics market helped define our options and move quickly from a negative cash flow to a multi-million dollar profit.”

Director of Finance

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Chipworks IP solutions are always customized. To find out what combination of services will best meet your needs, schedule a confidential discussion with one of our Patent and Technology Specialists to:

  1. Discuss your specific IP goals, questions and needs
  2. Ensure we match the right services to your needs and provide the right level of customization
  3. Provide a quick price based on what you need to achieve

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