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Technology Reports are available 24/7 from the Chipworks Store, where you can access one of the largest and most up-to-date online repositories of technical information in the world. Each report is exhaustively researched and our analysis goes as deep as required to discover the “secret sauce” behind an innovation. We present our findings in standardized, easy to read report formats that maximize the amount of useful information.

These Technology Reports are ideal if...

  • You want to get a snapshot of a target device and determine whether further analysis is required
  • You need to benchmark against competitor devices already in the market
  • You’d like to quickly find out what the innovation is in a new process
  • Getting the most accurate picture of what is really happening in semiconductor design wins is critical to your success
  • You want to make informed decisions and take actions that will increase your market share through products that are superior to your competitors
  • Developing your product roadmaps with greater speed and confidence is a top priority


The analysis and insight from Chipworks’ Technology Reports can be the difference between winning market share and growing your revenues – or not.


Be the First to Know What and Why

Our reports are based on analysis of innovative devices in the highest volume and most competitive markets.

We proactively purchase, tear down, and analyze over 500 consumer products per year, including phones, tablets, cameras, wearables, and other devices. Our Technology Reports are based on the ongoing global scrutiny of devices from all manufacturers.

This is how we know when disruptive events happen – and why our Technology Reports are your best option for being one of the first to get the most accurate data and analysis at an affordable price.

Choose from Four Major Report Categories

Each report goes as deep as required to document the innovation with an appropriate level of detail. Choose the format based on the depth of analysis you need.


Depth of Analysis



Depth of Analysis

  • Get the analysis you need to compare your designs to competitors
  • Determine if competitors use different or smaller functional blocks
  • Helps allocate R&D resources and determine when further analysis, such as circuit extraction, is warranted
  • Can be used as a benchmarking tool to perform a high level cost analysis
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Structural and
Process Analysis

Depth of Analysis

  • Gain a better understanding of the structure of a competitor’s processes
  • Can be used for technological benchmarking
  • View all report formats


Depth of Analysis

Very Deep
  • Understand the layout and design of a competitor’s chip
  • Use as a starting point for your own design and innovation
  • View all report formats

Circuit Design Reports Ship
with ICWorks Browser

All circuit reports include a PDF report plus our circuit viewing and analysis software, ICWorks Browser.
This software gives you direct access to the high-resolution layout images used by our engineers to analyse chips, along with the hierarchical schematics which are the result of the analysis. Included is a cross probing feature which allows users to switch from the schematic view to images of how that device was implemented in the silicon layout at all levels. A ruler tool also allows users to measure any feature.


Many Customers Say our Technology Reports Provide a Return of up to 10x or Greater on Their Investment.

“The depth and accuracy of the reports is exceptional. From the reports we receive, we know how many sockets we are winning and where we are losing. We can instill confidence in our shareholders by showing them our successes and market share.”

VP of Product Development

“Getting regular, monthly reports ensures we stay on top of new features and new players. We feel plugged in and connected to the industry. We are able to spot the disruptive competitive events with greater accuracy and speed than we had been with our organic method.”

Senior Design Engineer

“I am not aware of anyone who proactively analyzes a similar volume of consumer devices and produces such accurate and valuable analysis so quickly as Chipworks.”

Manager, Competitive Intelligence


Chipworks maintains complete confidentiality with our customers and will not divulge company or individual names. Testimonials are actual quotes or representative of what we hear.

Invaluable to All Professionals in the Semiconductor Ecosystem

Our Technology Reports are hugely valuable to companies and individuals involved in all facets of the semiconductor industry, from equity analysts and legal professionals to senior engineers, design managers, and VPs of sales and marketing. In particular, employees who have full profit and loss responsibility for one or more product lines, or entire business units, find Chipworks Technology Reports invaluable.

The Chipworks Advantage

Analyzing semiconductors is an art. Every day we carefully take apart the world’s most complex consumer electronic devices designed and built by innovative companies . We go as deep as required in our analysis to discover the “secret sauce” behind any innovation.

Few companies in the world have the experience, dedicated technical professionals, processes, and specialized state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation required to undertake this type of analysis and provide the right level of analysis in an affordable report format. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years – and we are very good at it.

Every report provides the level of analysis that is required to understand what is new and innovative.

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