IP Professionals are being asked tough questions

How would you answer?

The role of intellectual property (IP) to a company’s overall strategy and business success has never been more important. Increasingly, IP professionals are being asked:

The ability to answer these types of questions can separate winners from losers in today’s fast–paced, innovation driven, and knowledge-based economy. Helping you answer these and other questions with confidence is what Chipworks is all about.

Unrivalled Ability to Match Patents to Products

For over two decades, IP professionals and outside legal counsel have trusted Chipworks’ Patent Intelligence Services to help build effective IP strategies that fully leverage the value of their technology patent portfolio. By combining deep patent and market knowledge with the most sophisticated in-house technical analysis capabilities in the world, we have demonstrated an unrivaled ability to match patents to products and deliver solid evidence of use in high-revenue markets.

We can help you:

  • Identify and fully leverage your best patents
  • Protect your competitive position
  • Prepare for litigation
  • Develop successful IP strategies that support your specific business goals

One of the Largest Databases of Rich Technical and Product Data in the World

Chipworks leverages knowledge gained from reading thousands of patents and documenting over 3,000 claim charts. We proactively “tear down” and analyze over 500 consumer electronics devices a year – more than any other company.

The ability to draw on this extensive body of knowledge – and experience – enables us to help you with different aspects of your patent strategy while achieving hard-to-match efficiencies that often reduce the cost of our IP solutions while saving you time.

Advanced In-House Capabilities Ensure Responsive Solutions Tailored to Your IP Needs

We’ve invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment and specialized engineering teams to enable the most granular analysis of structures and materials (down to the atomic level), circuit layouts and schematics, commercial software, and embedded code. We have a proven track record for revealing the innovation in systems and software behind mobile handsets, infrastructure and networking, processors, security, and cloud markets.

These facilities mean our experts can quickly and efficiently undertake the most complex analysis across a broad range of manufacturers and products to provide you with the most relevant, quality insights that support your specific needs and IP strategy.

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Featured Post

Contributed by John Sullivan,

Recent reports have surfaced suggesting that Qualcomm is in discussion to acquire Dutch chipmaker NXP. Such a deal, likely valued at over US$30B, would be one of the biggest in the semiconductor sector this year and would push 2016 closer to the total acquisition record set just last year, which was in excess of one hundred billion dollars.

A History of Qualcomm M&As

A look into Qualcomm’s history reveals that they have been quite active in mergers and acquisitions. Since 1997 there have been at least 40 acquisitions on record, with details disclosed for 19 which themselves totaled US$8.4B. Notables would have to be the acquisition of Atheros in 2011 for US$3.1B and...

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Contributed by John Sullivan

The acquisition

“Revitalizing Microsoft,” “connecting Office directly to LinkedIn,” “embedding Lynda’s training videos inside of Microsoft software,” “giving Cortana digital assistant access to data from LinkedIn,” “renewing the decelerating...

June 16, 2016 | Read Article...

Contributed by Ray Angers

Just three months after the formation of Broadcom Limited, the first large organizational change came recently with the announcement that the newly formed entity was selling its wireless Internet of Things (IoT) business to Cypress Semiconductor Corp. This news provided the motivation for Chipworks to take a look...

May 10, 2016 | Read Article...

Contributed by Martin Bijman

In the spring of 2015, Chipworks published in IAM magazine an article about the IP of IoT, listing IBM, Microsoft, and Samsung as the top IoT patent holders. Chipworks has continued to refine our models of the IP of IoT, particularly about things, gateways, and analytics, and determined an updated ranking. And...

April 14, 2016 | Read Article...

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