Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.


Spotlight on Apple and Texas Instruments

Historically, the PC market drove the majority of high tech licensing and litigation. Today, the smartphone/tablet market is now very active with a broad mix of players - from new entrants to market leaders. At Chipworks, we apply our patent, technology and market expertise to meet the needs of our clients across technology sectors.

We have deep experience supporting the semiconductor market, helping companies negotiate between themselves but also with traditional licensing aggressors such as Texas Instruments.

Chipworks is also in mobile market, supporting companies in the smartphone patent wars, and regularly analyzing key trends, products and players, such as Apple. 


TI dies

Chipworks Knowledge of Texas Instruments

  • Supported 20+ clients in negotiations with Texas Instruments since 2000
  • Produced 600+ claim charts on Texas Instruments
  • Regularly analyze TI products, including the long awaited OMAP 5 series
  • Produced over 375 technical analysis reports on TI devices
  • Analyze 1-2 handsets on a daily basis – which contain TI devices
  • Monitor product revenue trends and forecast product segments with high revenue potential

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Chipworks Knowledge of Apple

  • Supported 10+ clients against Apple in the last three years
  • Documented 60+ claim charts with Apple as a target
  • Generated 500+ claim charts in the mobile/wireless market
  • Analzyed over 600 Apple devices analyzed from products ranging from all models of the iPod Nano to iPads, iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple TV
  • Produced over 60 reports ranging from full process analysis to complete circuit analysis

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