Posted: February 29, 2016

Contributed by Owen Wetherow

We tore down the Microsoft Band II back in November, but we think it deserves a second look. It has a lot of great silicon inside.

The Band II website gave us a beautifully animated exploded view of the fitness band.Microsoft-Band-2-II-Chipworks-Teardown-From-Microsoft-Store

Our exploded view isn’t quite as pretty, but the results are a lot more interesting.


The Band II is chock-full of sensors, that measure, quantify, and chart every moment of your day.

Device Type



SiRF Star IV9333

Gyroscope and Accelerometer









Heart Rate Sensor

Austria Microsystems

No PKG marks

UV Sensor


No PKG marks

Galvanic Skin Response


No PKG marks


Here are the major semiconductor design wins. Cypress and STMicroelectronics are the clear winners.



It is always an interesting exercise to trace component design wins back through our database. Below is the two-chip solution STMicroelectronics LSM6DS2 gyroscope and accelerometer. You can see from our database that we have captured eight unique design wins across four manufacturers: Samsung, Huawei, Meizu, and Microsoft.

Using Inside Technology, the industry's largest semiconductor databse, we have captured eight unique design wins for the STMicroelectronics LSM6DS2 gyroscope and accelerometer across four manufacturers: Samsung, Huawei, Meizu, and Microsoft. On occasion Chipworks has tracked a single die to four uniquely named components, and then tracked those four components to over 30 phones. Updated continuously as new products hit the market and covering virtually every region of the world, Inside Technology gives you a comprehensive view of how many sockets your competitors have won, in which products, for a fact-based picture of your market position, learn more here


The STMicroelectronics LSM6DS2 gyroscope and accelerometer is a two-chip solution.

Microsoft-Band-2-II-Chipworks-Teardown-STMicroelectronics-LSM6DS2-Gyro-Accelerometer- two-chip

Here we look at the STMicroelectronics LPS25HB barometer design wins. This barometer was found in 16 unique models from a total of six products. When tearing down multiple models of the same product Chipworks occasionally finds dual sourcing of parts. There are typically three reasons that this happens:

  1. Components, such as a RF front end, are region specific
  2. The parts are a commodity and easily interchangeable
  3. There has been sourcing problems with one of the manufacturers

Chipworks tends to view it as a good sign for the component manufacturer when we uncover single-sourced components.


STMicroelectronics LPS25HB barometer design wins

Chipworks counted 27 chips in the Microsoft Band II. The incredibly tight form factor of wearable devices is going to push in innovation in packaging (Apple Watch), integration of multichip solutions down to single chip solutions, and lowered power consumption (Ambiq/ Dialog circuit reports).