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A Unique IP Service for Semiconductor and Electronics Markets

Chipworks Patent Analytics services have been developed to meet the needs of IP professionals who manage large patent portfolios in the semiconductor and electronics markets. Our services and resulting reports will provide you with a quick, accurate perspective so that you can make informed IP decisions, faster without being dependent on specialized technical expertise.

Chipworks Patent Analytics services allow you to...

  • Identify gaps in your patent portfolio
  • Analyze and understand large patent portfolios
  • See changes in portfolios due to M&As
  • Map competitor portfolios to your own
  • Find relevant patents of value, faster
  • Get an instant perspective for better IP decision making

How it's Done

One visual is worth a thousand words

Our Patent Analytics reports deliver detailed cluster maps that offer a single graphical representation of any portfolio – giving you an instant perspective and context of the patent landscape.

With patent applications and grants growing rapidly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to analyze patent portfolios due to their size. Chipworks Patent Analytics combines advanced patent landscaping tools with Chipworks’ proprietary classification expertise to enable analysis of large portfolios.




  • The technical foundation for the Chipworks solution is KMX – a powerful text analytics tool with advanced search and discovery capabilities. This enables Chipworks to quickly produce cluster maps that provide a single graphical representation of entire portfolios regardless of size.
  • Advanced patent classification is done through a combination of innovative machine learning algorithms within KMX and Chipworks’ classification dataset derived from our historical analysis of over 60,000 patents.

Chipworks’ Classifiers Turbo Charge your Analysis 

The Chipworks Patent Analytics solution leverages Chipworks’ advanced classification dataset to automatically divide large patent portfolios by technologies. Our engineers have tagged more than 60,000+ patents with technology metadata which captures the inventive steps disclosed in the patent.  This classification approach results in each patent being quickly and accurately placed in the correct technology group, enabling the analysis to focus on circuit, process, system or package patents.

Usage Scenarios Address Different IP Goals

Patent ACquisition
Due Diligence

Rapidly compare any patent portfolio to your own or others. And get answers to these questions:

  • Is the opportunity worth pursuing?
  • Do we already have patents in the same area?
  • Where does their IP fit in?
  • How does this IP complement my own?

Your Competition

Compare the R&D activity of multiple companies. Predict future products. Stay informed. And get answers to these questions:

  • Where are my competitors investing?
  • What products do I expect to enter the marketplace?

Study Any

Identify emerging technologies. See R&D trends. Understand maintenance behavior. And get answers to these questions:

  • What areas have we been investing in lately?
  • Where have we been patenting lately?
  • Which areas can we expect new competitors... new interest new products being developed around that IP?

Find the Patents
You Need

An efficient way to search the landscape and find those patents that will be most relevant to you. And get answers to these questions:

  • Are there sufficient patents?
  • Who are the top companies owning interesting patents?
  • Are patents held by friendly companies?

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