Can we strengthen our defensive positions?

Discover your options and put yourself in a continual state of preparedness

Options Depend on Whether you are Being Proactive... or Served

Your options for strengthening your defensive position depend in part on whether you are being proactive or served. The components of a proactive defensive strategy can include:

  • Understanding the competitive landscape and identifying which companies have patents that read on your products or are patenting in a market you are considering
  • Preparing an analysis of how your portfolio reads on a suspected threat and starting to demonstrate the value of your technology

If you are in a defensive position, we can also look for ways to weaken the position of the aggressor – either through non-infringement arguments or evidence of patent invalidity through prior art/prior use.

Often the Best Defense Includes a Good Offense

Turning the tables and going on the offensive is often the most effective strategy. The key success factor here is evidence that clearly demonstrates the value of your patented technology and the strength of your position. That’s where Chipworks can help.

We will demonstrate the value of your technology by gaining an understanding of your patents that will read on the largest portion of revenue of your aggressor’s products, making recommendations for analysis and then documenting evidence of use in accurate, exhaustively researched claim charts.

The bottom line is this: every situation is different and it demands a customized solution. Let’s talk about your situation and how we can help.

"Chipworks helped us get the evidence we needed to defend our position in court. They helped us produce high quality evidence based on engineering expertise and access to specialized equipment not available to us in-house."

Senior Litigation Attorney

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The Chipworks Solution

Our ability to hammer out an effective strategy to defend against an assertion is based on the following services and expertise:

  • Patent evaluation – an interactive approach to prioritize your patents using tools that apply our product and industry knowledge, and identify your most valuable patents in the context of a specific IP strategy
  • Patent mapping – matching a patent or groups of patents to current high revenue areas
  • Exposure Analysis – understanding who is patenting where and which patents read on your products
  • Prior art/use – leveraging Chipworks’ vast inventory of historical devices to find prior use and invalidate an assertion
  • Non-infringement analysis – identify and document evidence of use through technical analysis of products, standards, or literature
"Our defense options were limited and we had a lot at stake. The non-infringement evidence produced by Chipworks helped us avoid millions in litigation costs and damages."

Intellectual Property Counsel

Leverage Depth and Breadth of Experience

 A critical advantage that Chipworks brings is history and experience. Simply put, we have read thousands of patents and are experts at matching patents to products – critical to helping you rationalize your portfolio while identifying realistic monetization options for non-core patents.

The depth and breadth of our ongoing analysis enables us to achieve hard-to-match efficiencies that often reduce the cost of our IP solutions, while saving time.


以下幾個案例說明了 Chipworks 如何協助 IP 專家和法務專家,同時展示您可以期待的成果:

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某微電子公司IP 部門資深經理

「Chipworks 在我們的策略中至關重要,
選擇與 Chipworks 合作的理由。」


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變得毫無說服力。Chipworks 提供


「Chipworks 為我們處理的工作一向棘
的。他們幫助我們正視 IP 策略中原本忽

某全球半導體公司IP 小組組長

「Chipworks 對於半導體與微電



Chipworks 智慧財產權解決方案都是客製化的。如要了解哪些服務組合最能符合您的需求,請與我們的專

  • 討論您特殊的智慧財產權目標、問題與需求
  • 確保我們能根據您的需求提供適當的服務,並提供最適當等級的客製化服務
  • 根據您需要達成的目標提供快速報價

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