Accessibility Plan & Policy

TechInsights’ Accessibility Plan

1. Statement of Commitment

TechInsights is committed to ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.

Curated Subscriptions

The most cost-effective way to get critical analysis

TechInsights’ analysis is ideal for Technology Professionals in Product Marketing, Design, Product Management and Procurement, who want to base their product roadmaps on facts and understand innovations in OEM and Semiconductor industry leading devices.

Devices Analyzed

Every year, TechInsights analyzes 750+ advanced technology products, catalogues 6,500+ components, and analyzes 2,000+ chips. We maintain the world’s largest database of semiconductor and technology analysis.

Scope of Analysis

TechInsights maintains world class in-house laboratory facilities where perform an unparalleled breadth of technology analysis. By revealing the innovation others can’t inside advanced technology products, we prove patent value and drive the best Intellectual Property (IP) and technology investment decisions.

Technical Capabilities

TechInsights has been publishing technology analysis for nearly 30 years, enabling our customers to advance their intellectual property and product strategies. Our library of reports is the world’s largest database of reverse engineering analysis of semiconductor and consumer products.

TechInsights analyzes thousands of devices each year, from the system level right through to the silicon

Storage Devices

By 2023, the global digital storage devices market is forecast to reach $141 Billion USD, fed by the ever-increasing amount of data being processed through digital services. This market includes drives used to store, exchange, and retrieve data, such as magnetic drives, optical drives, solid state drives, and of course flash memory drives.